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Frequently Asked Questions about our day retreats

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What is a retreat?

A day long retreat at Anam Cara can be one of our focused retreats or can blend SoulTouch, ceremony, dreamwork, walking the labyrinth, sacred play, or any deepening experience we can create together.

Who comes to Anam Cara?

People who know they are on a spiritual journey who want to deepen their connection with soul, alone and in community.

What people are saying about Anam Cara...

"You took me out of this world and into my soul. I was completely entranced – blessed – honored – validated… I have not truly laughed, doubled over with my head on the floor, since I can’t even remember. Copious tears washed bad ju-ju from all my senses and win-win play filled me up with joy that rocked and jiggled my feet. I often find myself drifting south to the lovely room of sleeping women, the forest stream, the Tibetan bells and the insistent drums under the starlight."
Joanne McCartan, Cropseyville, NY

“Like many men, I have learned to be uncomfortable with tender touch. Yet somehow, I found myself letting go and relaxing into an experience of great safety, healing and much joy. I left feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually refreshed.”
Morrie Kleinplatz, Ph.D., psychologist, Windsor, Ontario

"The program was stellar....learning to be with each other in deeper and richer ways. You created an incredibly safe and sacred space in which we could all float to our edges and flow into new possibilities. The experience helped us deepen as individuals and as a group."
Marti Glenn, Ph.D., President, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

"My time at this oasis was enlivening and honouring of my spiritual path. This life-renewing centre oozes spirit and called me to be my fullest, freest self. Jo and Moira are open, kind, creative. In being who they are, they offer this gift to those who journey with them - the opportunity to be just who you are... and that is so freeing."
Mary Meighan, M.S.W. M.L.A. Founder, Celtic Journeys, Dublin, Ireland

Our time together was inspirational and as deeply nourishing as anything we have done together. Jo and Moira created an atmosphere so loving and sacred that we just fell into the depths and into each other through the loving touch. I feel so grateful to you two for creating the opportunity for us to take community yet deeper. I don't know when I have felt it so tangibly. I am blissed by the experience."
Sarah Sadler, Founder, Evergreen Cove Holistic Learning Center, Easton, MD

What about safety?

We make every reasonable effort to ensure safety here. This is a natural environment; our trails are unpaved. We expect guests to take reasonable responsibility for your own health and safety, especially if you choose to participate in activities that cannot be made completely risk free.

What are your other house rules?

Please avoid perfumes and colognes.  We are allergic. Anam Cara is here for guests who are able to respect the peace and quiet of the environment and be considerate of the other guests. We reserve the right to ask any guest who is not respecting other guests or who is destructive in this environment to leave.

What is the policy on smoking, alcohol and illegal substances?

Smoking is allowed outdoors only. Please deposit used cigarettes in sand buckets outside or in outside trash bins. Firearms, fireworks and illegal substances are prohibited. Alcohol is permitted for ceremonial purposes only.

Please contact us with any questions.
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