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The journey to Anam Cara
is a commitment you make
with yourself to nourish
and heal body and soul.

We invite you to claim
all of who you are...
your passion
your shadow
your dreams...
to be your own soul friend.

We can be allies on your path.

COMING UP at Anam Cara...

Join us for our community labyrinth walk.

April 19th @ 19:00

June 19th @ 19:00

 August 19th @ 19:00

October 19th @ 19:00

For directions, peace@anamcarasoultouch.com.


Please email peace@anamcarasoultouch.com with any questions about upcoming retreats.

Celtic Portals           

You are invited to journey with Moira Brigit in an ancient Celtic tradition of celebrating the souls' journey.  Each ceremony is unique and guided by the ancestors, the seasons and the magic of the moment.


SoulTouch is respectful, compassionate, nonsexual touch.   Created by Moira Brigit and Jo Levkoff, SoulTouch encourages energetic, spiritual, emotional and physical shifts in consciousness. SoulTouch is based on the understanding that when the body feels deep relaxation, healing is accelerated. Healing means improving quality of life, energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Allies on the Path 

"Using Allies on the Path cards with your friends will enrich your times together, open new doors into your imagination and sweeten your understanding of story telling, story listening and story action.  The cards themselves are both tender and surprising.  Use them to bring more joy, more kindness and more play into your world."
Peggy Rubin, Director, Center for Sacred Theatre        
Ashland, Oregon        
www.sacredtheater.org   www.peggyrubin.com        
Author of To Be and How To Be,        
Transforming Your Life through Sacred Theatre       

Allies is something to play but it's not a game.  Playing can change your life.  Allies on the Path includes a bag and set of 3 cards and guidelines that help each player become storyteller, seer and witness, together - Allies on the Path. $20 set (includes taxes, S & H in US)

Allies on the Path

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